Meeting Calendar

​Day meetings are held at Second Baptist Church, 100 North Main Street, Suffield, CT and begin at 11:45 with a light lunch and a short business meeting before the program.

Evening meetings are held at Kent Memorial Library, 50 North Main Street, Suffield, CT and begin at 6:30 with coffee, tea, and dessert before the program.

 The times shown are for the start of the program.

Oct 7 @ 1:00 pm: “The Magic of Flowers: and the Joy of Photographing Them” 
Jeff Holcombe, Botanist

Flowering plants are the most recently evolved group in the plant world. Yet they have by far the most diversity. Why? They also engender the most human interest - they are the charismatic lions and tigers of the plant world. As a result, many photographs of flowers have already been made. Why keep trying? What can we do with flower photography that would be new and exciting?

Nov 4 @ 7:00 pm: “Bobcats & Wildlife Management” 
Don Dandelski, D&D Wildlife Management

Trapper Don is an elite trapper, working closely with the DEEP to trap bobcats. Each cat is sexed, weighed, aged, given a radio collar, and tracked. Don will talk about the DEEP program, and how he is able to capture these elusive animals alive, work with them, and release them. Includes photos, hands-on examples of the traps and bait used, and a dynamic conversation.

Dec 2 @ 1:00 pm: “Berries, Cones & Pine, Oh My! Where Woodland meets Chic” 
Mike Derouin, McArdle's Florist of Greenwich 

A mid-winter’s walk in the woods or even one’s back yard can present a world of nature’s gems. From lichen covered branches, to cones and pods...maybe even birch & berries. Mike will highlight that journey and feature natural elements embellished with beautiful blooms, creating woodland chic designs suitable for winter entertaining, which will be raffled at the end of his program. 

Feb 3 @ 1:00 pm: “Member Appreciation Workshop” 
Jean Matejek, Club Member 

Jean will be giving a demo on how to make an arrangement using the new plastic "chicken wire" cages. Members will make their own arrangement to bring home.

Mar 2 @ 7:00 pm: “A Trifecta of Native Birds, Native Insects, and Native Plants” 

Libby Lord / Art Sikes / Anne Penniman Associates

We’ll begin this program with Libby Lord showing images of her bird photography and speaking about her methods of capturing these elusive creatures. Next, Art Sikes will talk about the National Audubon Society’s Great Back Yard Bird Count, and how you can sign up to take part in this important information gathering research. Then, from Landscape designers at Anne Penniman Associates, learn which plants will attract birds and insects to add environmental and ecological value to your garden. Design features to enhance your landscape to best suit and attract specific birds and butterflies will be discussed.

April 6 @ 1:00 pm: “Native Alternatives to Invasive Species” 
Donna Katsuranis, Master Gardener 

​Invasive Plant Species are tangible examples of how we dramatically alter our environment without even realizing it. This talk will discuss some of the most common Invasive species, and some wonderful Native options for the same space. Native plants are enjoying a new popularity – and rightly so. While many people think of native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants as being just part of the background, they are remarkably suited to starring roles on the botanical stage. Rugged without belligerence, delicate without wimpiness, and beautiful without being prima donnas, all while being responsible citizens of the larger landscape, Natives are the ultimate “Right Plant/Right Place”.

May 4 @ 1:00 pm: “Greenscaping the Indoors, Moss Walls and More”
Cathi Smith, bloom!

A current trend has designers “softening” the cold industrial environments in renovated factories using live wood edges and plants. Former member Cathi Smith will present a powerpoint which documents a project in which she provided plant materials and botanical art for a greenscaping project in a renovated mill.