Suffield Garden Club

Meeting Programs
Seven monthly meetings between October and May feature a variety of educational and entertaining programs and speakers to fulfill “Our Purpose”.

At each meeting members are brought up to date concerning issues of habitat, environment, and natural resources.

Important, current horticultural events or topics will be announced at monthly meetings as needed.
Horticulture Highlight articles are contributed to the Suffield Observer each month. 

Mini Exhibits
Small exhibits in 3 divisions (artistic design, horticulture, and photography) are featured at each monthly meeting where members may submit up to three entries, one per division. Judging will be either by “committee” or by “popular vote”.  Ribbons are awarded at the meeting and prizes are awarded in each division at the annual meeting.

General criteria for judging or voting criteria for each division are:
  • Design – Consider color, harmony, distinction, balance, creativity, and line
  • Horticulture – Consider color, form, size, and health of plant, bloom, and foliage
  • Photography – Consider viewpoint, lighting, focus, and cropping.

Specific criteria for each division are different for each meeting and can be found in the member yearbook.

Field Trips

Field trips are offered throughout the year. They are either prescheduled or impromptu as notices of events or programs become available.


A variety of workshops are held throughout the year, Club members can expand their knowledge in the areas of floral design and horticulture through hands-on experiences. Members will have fun being creative on projects of a varied nature.

Plant Swap & Potluck

A gathering in the Phelps-Hatheway House garden - (September – see calendar)
Join us for an afternoon of food, plants, and fun beginning at noon.  All types of plants and seeds are welcome, especially the unusual or rare. In addition to plants and a chair, please bring a favorite dish to share.  Nothing to swap? Come anyway and enjoy lunch in the garden with your Garden Club friends. Feel free to bring a friend!

Garden Party
A gathering in the Phelps-Hatheway House garden - (June – see calendar)
This is our chance to socialize after the official end of the club year and to enjoy the gardens we work so hard to maintain at the peak of their loveliness. A great way for newer members to get acquainted with more established ones in an informal setting. 

​Member Expense Form
Members - Use this form to submit an expense reimbursement request.

Member Programs
Activities in this group are for the enjoyment, education, and support of our members.